18 December 2017

In the Name of Identity

As you explore this blog, you will find all sorts of ways in which names and identities develop and change.

If you would like to reflect on some questions about your name and identity, you may be interested in some of my earlier blog posts:

Does your name have unfortunate connotations?

Is your given name consistent with your current sense of identity?

Do you use a pseudonym online and/or in life?

Is your name the same as that of many other people?

09 December 2017

In the Name of Certainty

Sometimes declarations of certainty are really no more than signs of ignorance.

How do you tend to respond to feelings of certainty and uncertainty?  

What are your true values, tastes and interests?

Are you true to yourself or is the real you someone you are still trying to know?

Are you certain about love?

Are you certain about who you are?

Are you certain about your family background?

08 December 2017

In the Name of Fear

Terrorism is frightening even merely as a word.  But, to a frightened person, one fear is likely to be just as terrifying as another.

To be frightened is to be conscious of potential risks.  When fears do not subside, what can be done to rise above those fears and act to improve a situation?

People in positions of power often either deny the existence of fear when their duty is to alleviate it, or they encourage fearfulness, or both.  Encouraging fearfulness prevents hope for improvement.  For people in positions of power, that is often way to strengthen their own power.

When people in power do nothing to prevent abuses, or to address abuses, they are likely to be perpetrators themselves, in one way or another.  A person in a position of power who dismisses distress as trivial, and possibly adds to the fears of victims, will probably only act upon a claim if accused of being abusive.

To deny claims of abuse, without investigating the matter thoroughly and sensitively, is always an abuse in itself.  Who, then, will act in the name of fear?