01 March 2015

In the Name of Enjoyment

You may know that one of my current favourite forms of enjoyment is exploring my own family history. I write a blog called Ancestors Within to assist people who are exploring their own heritage, especially if that heritage has some interconnection with my own.

Through my genealogical research, even the female surnames in my family have been quite easy to trace backwards using census and marriage records.   I would find it much harder to trace old friends from my youth.  I lost touch with most of them even before we found marriage partners.

I really have no desire at all to catch up with people merely because they once knew at least something about me.  From past experience I know that I rarely enjoy the company of people who think they know me well from past acquaintance as most fail to understand me as I am now. Even when I was younger, I knew I had very little in common with most of the people who considered me to be their friend.

The basis of my sense of identity is whatever I happen to enjoy doing and being at any given moment.  And my interests often change very rapidly!

01 February 2015

Protecting Your Identity

Identity theft is a significant problem today.  Have you ever had your identity stolen?  As far as I know, no-one has ever tried to steal my identity. I keep a low profile online and in the media more generally.

It worries me that many people reveal huge amounts of information about themselves to strangers, both in person and through online social media, websites, questionnaires, and when paying for goods and services.

How safe are your finances? How safe is your passport? How safe is your identity? How safe are you?

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01 January 2015

In the Name of Popularity

Do you find it easier to like people when you think of them as popular or do you prefer to think of people as being either friendly or unfriendly?

Are people more popular with you when you can identify with some aspect about them? 

It is often the case that popularity is associated with the aspirations of observers.  It is a cause of emulation and adulation.

Are people popular with you because you feel a sense of familiarity with their name?

If you do not consider yourself to be particularly popular at present, do you want to be more popular?

Is popularity about being liked, and even loved?

Are popular people never lonely, in your view?