29 January 2009

Family Honour and Freedom

Some of the discourses on names can have hilarious aspects, but there are others that are far more serious. For example, how do you and your relatives address the topic of family honour?

What does the topic mean to you? Can honour exist in the presence of oppression, bullying, fear and intimidation?

Were you told as a child to obey the ten commandments but found the one about parents could be very difficult to obey in practice? How does abusive parenting relate to ancient commands to be obedient?

A personal point of view

I prefer to think about family honour in terms of bringing honour to those who supported us through childhood, but doing so in an indirect way. Perhaps this indirect honouring may best be achieved by taking responsibility for our own educational and economic development, earning trust, and enjoying affectionate, mutual respect.

This may also be the key for true freedom, and true love.

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