01 February 2009

Dear Visitor

You may have realised that I am new to blogging.  Fortunately, I have had a very interesting and enjoyable time, in the last couple of weeks, exploring a few blogs by other people and finding out interesting things about strangers who share one or more of my interests.  I had never read any blogs before let alone written one.

As every moment of my life is important to me, I only want to do things giving me a sense of purpose.

What, then, is the purpose of this blog, dear visitor?

What is its purpose for me?

What is its purpose for you?


If you are wondering why I have begun four blogs instead of just one, the reason is simple.  If I could not categorise and separate my numerous activities and interests, and group them in productive ways, I would go completely mad!


This entry is here in this blog because I would like to tell you a little bit more about my real name in relation to identity. I usually publish using just my initials and surname. This is to ensure that my gender and cultural background are not major factors in readers' minds when they form judgements about the ideas I express.


Bias creeps in from all sorts of directions in the social sciences, just as it does in life more generally.  Keeping many of my personal characteristics a mystery helps to prevent the prejudices some people continue to maintain. 

There are many prejudices concerning female contributions to intellectual and social progress.  Those prejudices prevent understanding.


For several years, I have maintained a website about my work, and that is where I have written quite a lot about my professional and business activities.  I also do a lot of writing on paper.

I tend to keep in email contact with a large number of people whose research interests match my own.  At one time, I sent many handwritten letters to distant family members and old friends.  I no longer do that.


Having several different blogs is, at least in theory, a way for me to express several aspects of myself that are separate from the main intellectual disciplines that form a large part of my current identity.

Having more than one name and more than one identity, and using and expressing them in different ways during different social occasions, is quite common, hence this current blog. 

As I will be attempting to understand more about the way names and identities shape societies and cultures, I intend to share some of that awareness more widely.  If you have a name or two, or several different nicknames or pen names, or you want to make a name for yourself in some way, do dip in here from time to time!

Your identity

What does identity mean to you?

How and why is identity important to people such as yourself?

What sort of person are you, and how do you know?

What is the relationship between your privacy and your identity?

How do you perceive your identity differently now than you did in the past?

What is it about you that never seems to change?

Do you currently want to go elsewhere?

Naming blogs accurately and succinctly is an art form in itself.  I have no skill in that regard, as far as I am aware. However, my Continual Journeys blog might be self-explanatory to you after just a brief visit, especially if you are amongst the many people who like to travel. Have you taken a look there?

If you are at all interested in history and identity, then Ancestors Within may appeal to you.  How has your family history shaped your identity?  What do you understand about the heritage of your name and identity?  What do you know about your great grandparents, and how?

And if all you want is some peace, then the Quieter Living blog might be the place to be.  I certainly wish everyone peace.

And I hope you will find each of my blogs to be interesting reading and enjoyable experiences, dear visitor.

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