03 February 2009

Name Games and the Wider World

Is me a name you call yourself to yourself or do you only use the word me in the presence of a real or imaginary audience? If you do a spot of blogging yourself, what were your reasons for choosing your blogger name? Please feel free to enlighten me (you do not need to reveal any personal details).

Personal names and job titles

As you may know, I am new to blogging. It has been interesting to develop a blogger profile over the past week, in my few spare moments. I especially enjoy thinking about the names and titles people give themselves, and the names and titles they give others.

In my work, I am not an employee so I do not have a job title provided by an employer. How about you?

Many of my activities, both paid and unpaid, are in a pioneering profession. This profession is one that is yet to have an accurate title, an appropriate formal training course and a supervising incorporated body. There is not yet a culturally acknowledged name for what I do. However, it is quite nice to make it up as I go along!

Place names

The official name of the place where I live seems out of place in its geographic context. The name reflects the process of colonization, and the transplantation of hypocrisy and inappropriate habits, but it does not accurately reflect either the past (except in a political sense) or the present.

Apart from the country I inhabit, my location is fictionalized to some extent when I write here. Sometimes, however, fiction can more accurately describe a place than politics otherwise allows. Can you think of some examples?

Language games

As part of my time has been spent in publishing non-fiction books on universal themes, I am conscious of the need to ensure the contents of those books are appropriate for people from many different cultural backgrounds.

Looking through other people's blogs over the past few days has made me even more aware of the differences in language use. Some of the words that many bloggers use to describe their experiences are reflections of their own cultural context.

How aware are you of the name games you play, and how they might be perceived by a global online audience? Is this something important to think about?

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