16 February 2009

Reflecting on identity

Our identities are often shaped by how we believe we are perceived by others. How we respond to other people may also depend on our perceptions of our social selves.

None of the bloggers who know me in the "real world" have been told that I have become a blogger now. They do not know me as Via. I wonder if they will find my blogs without me telling them where to look, and even without knowing that I have been blogging. It is an interesting secret to keep.

Social beings

People are social beings, usually. Personally, I like having plenty of time and space to myself, and some peace and quiet, especially when I want to write or read or reflect upon anything.

My sense of identity changes all the time, depending on my mood. Even though I have been blogging for only a short while (I have a busy life and usually have too many other things happening), I have frequently changed the portrait of myself as Via and have modified and expanded my blogger profile to reflect just a few aspects of my identity.

Do you think my tastes and interests are overly complicated or even perplexing? How might we be similar? How might we differ?


It is often enjoyable to express ourselves in writing, and perhaps even to use a blog just as a personal diary or journal. It is something to return to from time to time, maybe just to find out how much we have changed in the preceding days, months and years.

I usually keep my personal notes to myself on paper, and on a computer that is never connected to the internet. How about you?

The future

Public writing has a different purpose than personal, private notes. When we publish anything, we probably believe we have something important or interesting to share. There is no point in publishing something unless it is likely to have a responsive audience, unless you are only interested in making money.

There are so many other things to do in life and I really only want to publish ideas that are of long-term value. You will have noticed that I call myself a writer here, not an editor. Editing is not part of my identity as I am not very good at proof reading, grammar or spelling. English was not one of my better subjects at school, but I learned to type a long time ago, on an old manual typewriter, so using a computer keyboard is very easy for me.

I look forward to learning something interesting about your thoughts and online identity as you reflect upon the ideas and questions I express here.

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