08 April 2009

Mistaken Identity and Identity Confusion

Identity confusion is an especially interesting topic. We can be confused about our own identity, but other people can be confused about our identity, too.

Age and identity

You may have an older relative who can't yet grasp that you are not a child any more. Does someone you know give you gifts that are really suitable for someone much younger? Do people speak to you as though they are unaware of your current emotional needs? How do you form an impression of the emotions and identity of others?

Mistaken identity

You may have been mistaken for someone else from time to time, too. I know that this has happen to me, especially when I was in my 20s. People's perceptions can reflect the opinions they have formed of others who they believe share, or shared a similar identity to my own. Many people form impressions based on images rather than on facts. How about you?

Dangers of identity confusion

Some people have ended up in prison, or worse, because of mistaken identity. Many others have followed career paths that are not an intrinsic part of their own sense of identity, mainly to please one or both of their parents.

Work and identity

Can work and identity be the same thing? Why is it that some people, especially men, do not live very long after they retire? Is it because they have lost a sense of identity? Do people need to explore various other aspects of their identity to gain a sense of wholeness and true fulfillment?

I am enjoying developing this blog because I am learning so much as I do so, not only about myself but also about the information I have discovered while researching various identity topics on the web.  In the coming weeks, I hope to explore the topic of age and identity in more depth. I hope you will enjoy exploring By Any Other Name, too.

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