08 May 2009

Age and Identity - part two

Making time to think about the topic of identity is important at any age.

In my work as a social entrepreneur, I encourage people to be aware of the history of philosophical ponderings on the topic of personal identity. It has been an age-old pursuit. It is not just for old age or for has beens, either!

In my own life, I am far from being an old person, at least in my own eyes. I do not consider myself as being a has been, either. I have been many things, learned to do many things, fulfilled many roles, achieved many goals, changed direction in my motives and interests several times, and I continue to develop my potential, stretching my mind each day as well as my body.

If you would like to know more about the philosophy of personal identity, here are a few links to click and peruse:

Stanford Encyclopedia entry

Modern Ageing

Australia's National Ageing Research Institute

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