22 May 2009

Identity Politics

Do you identify yourself with a particular section of human society, with humanity as a whole, or with life on planet earth in its entirety? 

In terms of my own politics and identity, I prefer to see myself in a global, non-ideological sense.  I want to be just a member, and a just member, of a somewhat populous and widespread species. 

I see each of us as having broadly similar needs, with our own preferences for how those needs might be met. As long as people act peacefully, that is fine by me, whoever they may be.

Politics arises when needs are unmet, especially when some people are prevent by others from alleviating needs. 

What are your views on politics and identity? How can a deeper understanding of identity help people to develop a better, more peaceful approach to politics?

Do you express yourself as part of this world or as a limited part of a transcendent being?

Do you have the power to shape the future? What does having power mean to you? 

Have any of my blog posts given you a feeling of empowerment?

Here are a few introductory links about identity politics:

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Stanford encyclopedia article

Guardian article - Salma Yaqoob

Wall Street Journal - Christopher Hitchens

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