09 June 2009

How to be Delightfully Surprising

There are so many facets of identity to explore, as you will already know if you have been visiting this blog over the past few months. I hope your experiences here have been informing you about yourself in surprising ways.

This blog post is not just about surprising yourself in pleasant ways but also about how to delight others as they learn new things about you. Do you know how to explore and express your talents, and perhaps even unlock your inner genius?

If you have been to my Quieter Living blog today, you will know that I have introduced the topic of genius there. Will people still appreciate you one hundred or a thousand years from now?

The key to understanding

Self awareness is the key to understanding our own talents. Ego often gets in the way of that, leading to delusions of various kinds. Impatience is another barrier to the full expression of talent.

I'll continue this blog post today by firstly putting some links in that were originally placed in the right hand column. One reason is that I want to unclutter your screen. This reflects the need to unclutter the mind of its confusions, especially for a person wishing to be truly self aware. How well do you know yourself?

Knowing your own identity

To start with, you may want to think about whether you have ever had an identity crisis. What was it like? How did you develop as a consequence?

Your self identity

Your social identity

Your self online


There are many other facets of identity to consider in relation to yourself. Here are just a few:







Exploring the links in this blog might even give you an identity crisis! Will you look on such an experience in a positive, neutral or negative way? What will you learn? Why is it important to understand your emotional reactions to challenging situations?

Why is it important to know thyself - philosophically?

Are you obsessed with yourself?

Do you have several cultural and political identities?

Do you know how to protect your identity from misanthropes?

What are your emotional responses as you read through this blog post? How do your emotions relate to your feelings of morality?

How would you describe your sense of humour? Has it changed over time?

How do your perceptions of gender affect your responses to thoughts and ideas?

Mid life male identity

No honour without freedom

How much do you understand about your own prejudices?

Understand your own prejudices

Science attempting to understand prejudice

The United Nations attempt to tackle prejudice

Do you have prejudices about people's names? How do people respond to your name?

Nominative determinism at Wikipedia

Times Online's take on nominative determinism

How deep is your understanding of names and labels?

Place names explored

Job titles reviewed

How do you respond to the way people express ideas that challenge your own assumptions?

Meet Charles Darwin in Shrewsbury

Visit the Wedgwood Museum

Discover more about ancient civilisations

Become familiar with biological anthropology

Explore the facts about human evolution

You may be wondering what any of this has to do with being delightfully surprising. Is the essence of science really about making surprising discoveries?

Which scientists do you most admire, and why? Which philosophers do you identify as your role models? Which artists have expressed aspects of life that have great meaning for you?

Who are the famous people you try to emulate? How do you emulate them? What is unique about you? Whose talents do you consider to be unique?

Are you a fame addict?

Psychology Today - The Other Side of Fame

Why thoughtful people often avoid fame

Why do many young people wish they were famous? Would it be better to work in obscurity for most of a lifetime and then receive acclaim in later life?

Do people seek wealth more than they seek fame? What does it mean to be wealthy?

Who will be remembered in a hundred years?

How to win a Nobel Prize

Do the people you admire have micro fame or macro fame?

If people appear to be successful, do you automatically assume that they must be wealthy? It is easy to lose money through an unwise or misguided investment, or by having to pay legal costs that are way beyond an average person's earnings. Much wealth can be lost by forgetting to insure property. And what is wealth without health?

If you are still interested in being famous, here are some ideas on how to go about it:

Have a significant talent and the courage to express it

Respect the talents of others, especially if their abilities differ from your own

Respect greater talents than your own, and be aware of the limits to your abilities

Ideas on how to become famous - express your star quality

More ideas on how to become famous

You may like to think about the famous people I admire. Who do you think they are? You might be surprised!

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