27 July 2009

Theories of Cultural Identity

This blog post is about theories of cultural identity, and theories about cultural identity.

20 July 2009

Entertainment, Friendship and Identity

Although I am happy with my identity as a middle-aged married woman, I am happier still with my identity as a genuine human being. I am not much of an entertainer, though. When people attempt to entertain others, how authentic are they? How true are they being to themselves?

18 July 2009

The Serious Subject of Funny Names

How can the serious and the funny be combined without being silly? This is a question I like to answer through the way I approach life.

11 July 2009

Via Veeya Vyah

You may have noticed that I have chosen a blogger name that is not only short but also one that can be pronounced in at least two ways.

If you speak English as a second language, is Via a word with a different meaning in your language? I chose the word because of its Latin origin, though I don't understand Latin very well having never studied it at school.

05 July 2009


Can you see sounds or smell colours? Do you taste shapes? Is your mind like other minds? Do other people experience the world just as you do?

How is your brain today? Has it changed recently? How does your brain affect the way you behave?

02 July 2009

Groups, Gatherings and Glamour

For all visitors here who have been enjoying this ongoing and multifaceted exploration of the names and labels people give to themselves and each other, there are many other aspects yet to be mentioned in this blog.