02 July 2009

Groups, Gatherings and Glamour

For all visitors here who have been enjoying this ongoing and multifaceted exploration of the names and labels people give to themselves and each other, there are many other aspects yet to be mentioned in this blog.

Why do you think it is important to be aware of your own identity and heritage, in many different ways?

Are you really just one of the crowd? Are you part of an in crowd or out crowd? Are you a leader or a follower?

Are you aware of your acceptance and involvement in collective behaviour?

An introduction to collective behaviour

Institutional behaviour, social stability and social change


Are you a risk taker? Is risk the reason for social and economic instability?

Riots, risk and reason

Adolescent brains

Risky teens

Your attitude to financial risk

Learn more about risk

Learn more about delusion

Glamour is the desire to delude (either the self or others, or both). I'm interested in the fact that many people are so easily deluded: by advertising, by the media, by other people.

We glamorize ourselves, and/or our talents whenever we attempt to make our skills and features more attractive or enchanting to others, whether economically, socially or sexually.

Glamour always involves risk. We can often create a false impression that ends in disappointed. Yet we may be seen as glamorous when all we want to do is boost our self esteem by enhancing our personal grooming in some way.

In a more social sense, we may adapt the way we look mainly because we wish to appear more likeable, more confident, and/or more trustworthy. How do you manipulate your social image? Are you a perfectly natural person?

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