11 July 2009

Via Veeya Vyah

You may have noticed that I have chosen a blogger name that is not only short but also one that can be pronounced in at least two ways.

If you speak English as a second language, is Via a word with a different meaning in your language? I chose the word because of its Latin origin, though I don't understand Latin very well having never studied it at school.

My surname is often pronounced incorrectly, or people shorten my first name inappropriately, or they spell my first name or surname wrong. I have also found that some people, especially medical receptionists, use my first name even when they expect me to address their employer more formally.

Whether you choose to think of me as veeya or vyah does not really matter so much. I don't expect you to phone me up and invite me around to your home for tea. If you did, I might give you this nickname:


Would you still want to have a chat?

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