11 December 2009

Virtual Via Nation

Dear Internet User

You are formally invited to become an honorary citizen of Virtual Via Nation.

Regardless of any other citizenship status you may hold, citizenship of Virtual Via Nation is open to any friendly person who reads my blogs.

Virtual Via Nation is an imaginatively welcoming place where your identity as a citizen is valued as being of equal worth to that of every other citizen.

Here in Virtual Via Nation there are no military service or tax obligations as there is no military nor any tax. There are very few laws here, too, so sovereignty is something you may not even notice.

Virtual Via Nation promotes independent thinking for healthy and happy interdependent living. Our nation is built on the principles of self awareness and mutual understanding, peace, justice, exploring history and the arts, and non-compulsory blogging.

With very best wishes to you, your friends, family and future.

PS. How does our virtual nation compare with the one(s) in which you have official citizenship?

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