09 January 2010

Respecting Limits

When people lack social awareness, they often ignore limits or treat them as a source of confusion. Individuals who believe they have no limits usually have inflated egos. Deflating those egos can make them angry and may even lead to most acts of aggression.

Misunderstandings can lead to perceptions of disrespect. We disrespect limits when we cross their boundaries.

To respect appropriate limits, we first need to know how to identify them. Time is a limit. Certainty is a limit. Patience is a limit (for most of us). Enough is a limit.

A sign of true maturity, and true awareness, is respect for limits. I am especially interested in the limits of certainty. How many problems throughout history have been caused by arguments over what should be believed as absolute truth?

What does certainty mean to you?  Does it have its limits?

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