03 February 2010

The Gender Agenda

One of the reasons I use the pseudonym "Via" here is because it gives me a creative outlet for the feminine and historic sides of my character.

In much of my life, away from being Via, I try to keep my gender off the agenda. I publish using my initials and surname so that people are not aware of whether I am male, female, trans-gendered or whatever else they may perceive me as being on the gender scale.

Experimenting with a non-gendered identity is something I recommend to anyone. It helps us to see how much gender definition is part of social and political life. For example, how many times have you been asked to state your gender when filling in a form online or in the wider world?

In much of my other work, I write mainly about the future and do so in an environment dominated by the opinions of men.

Here is a link to a Wikipedia page about gender identity

Sometimes I wish I did not have the fluctuations of female hormones to contend with, especially as premenstrual tension is such an unpleasant affliction in my case. It is one of the reasons why Quieter Living is the name of my main blog.

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