02 March 2010

Australian Passports are Precious

Since becoming an Australian citizen in the early 1990s, I have been able to travel on two passports. My UK passport expired a few years ago and I have not yet renewed it as I prefer to travel on my Australian one.

I am fortunate that I have never had a passport lost or stolen. I am also fortunate that I have never been denied a visa to enter or leave any country.  And every time I have travelled, I have returned home safely. It is something I truly appreciate.

It especially worries me that even Australian passports might be copied and manipulated for unlawful purposes.  Some people live and work in other countries using false or inappropriate documents. Who can be trusted? What should be done about the problem?

Here is a link to the Australian passport service

Here is a link to Australian immigration requirements

Here is a link about working legally in Australia

So, my Australian passport is safely locked away until I might next need it. But with the way the world is at present, I think I will stay home for a while!

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