15 April 2010

Super Banana Woman

Do you worry about your waistline even though you are in a healthy weight range?

I have recently discovered that the reason I have a large waist in proportion to the rest of me is that my basic body shape is naturally like that. Almost 50% of women have a similar basic shape to me.  I am therefore far from abnormal!

Clothing manufacturers rarely take into consideration the variation in female body shapes and usually provide garments for the minority, not the majority. The majority of women are bananas, in the nicest possible way. Our waist measurement is only a few inches less than our other vital statistics.

Female body shapes

No amount of exercise will give me an hourglass shape. Even in my mid teens, when I was quite thin, my waist measurement was 26 inches. I thought I might be fat back then because I did not have a 23 inch waist. Perhaps that is the sort of reasoning that turns some girls towards anorexia.

Now I am quite happy to have a waist measurement of 30 inches and a bust measurement that is in the "perfection" range according to beauty "experts". In my 20s, I hated being flat chested, but in my maturity I made up for that abundantly.

I am also glad I have my regular mammograms and pap smears, every two years at around the same time. Even with a busy life, and many roles and responsibilities to fulfill, every Super Banana Woman needs to look after herself.

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