28 May 2010

The Poetry of Personality

.Some writers have the wonderful ability to shape a fictional character in a rounded and lifelike way. Think of Shakespeare, for example.

Good biographers can accurately portray the character of the person they are writing about. No-one has yet been able to write a rounded and detailed biography of Shakespeare. Could someone write one well about you?

Many writers describe characters in stereotypical ways while other writers are more like Shakespeare. It is why people like Shakespeare deserve to be read by every generation while other writers deserve to be forgotten.

I am not sure how Shakespeare would have written about me. No poet has written about my character, as far as I am aware. I do not know if I have ever been the subject of any novelist's inspiration.  I would probably find it quite embarrassing if I have, unless the author has shown something of the depth of my being that has so far escaped my awareness.

Are you a poet?

Whether you see yourself as a poet, or not as a poet, what does it say about your own personality? I am not much of a poet these days, but I did write quite a lot of poetry about twenty years ago as a means of private, personal expression of emotion.

Do you know enough about me, from reading my blogs, to write a poem about my personality?

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