02 June 2010

Introverts Are Cool

In mainstream Western culture, there is a prevailing extroversion. This may be because extroverts are the public face of humanity for much of the time, especially through the media.

Extroverts are often the politicians, journalists, teachers, social workers, sales people, hospitality staff, celebrities and business people we encounter. A fast-paced world suits extroverts and they are often confident communicators. But are they necessarily the best at making decisions that are suitable for everyone?

I am usually far more interested in the opinions of introverts than extroverts. Introverts are reflective. Introverts are "cool". Introverts think before they speak. And they usually have something important to say, if given the chance, the time, the space, the privacy and the peace.  If you are an extrovert, you may wish to disagree!

What are introverted personality traits?

Being an introvert myself means that I am sometimes likely to be misunderstood by those who are afraid to spend time alone, or who find it difficult to occupy their minds in productive ways without the presence of other people.

There is nothing wrong in itself with spending time alone. If it is good for you, as it is for me, then it may be good for the world too - if you then find as a consequence that you have something important to say.

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