27 October 2010

Another You

Are you consciously aware of being an undivided person?

What does alter ego mean to you?

When you are alone with your thoughts, how do you respond emotionally to the person doing that thinking? Do you yourself have a public persona and a separate private persona?

Many writers have explored the topic of identity. Are some of them amongst your favourite authors? Do you write fiction, developing characters in your mind?

Have you ever experienced a psychotic episode or a neurotic dread?

Who is the real "you"?

Do you behave in the same way when in the company of one special friend as you do in the company of a group of strangers?

Would you present instructions about safety to a group of trainees in the same way as you would chat on the telephone to a close family member?

Are you always acting a part? Would you be more likely to be compared or contrasted with someone like Sarah Bernhardt?

Alter ego - Wikipedia

Continuity - Wikipedia

Acting - Wikipedia

Sarah Bernhardt - Wikipedia

Why do you pursue particular interests?

Why do you like or dislike certain people?

Artistic character - Wikipedia

Individuality - Wikipedia

Charisma - Wikipedia

Impression management - Wikipedia

How do you attempt to understand other people?

Do they understand you?

If you are able to answer the questions in this blog post accurately and with confidence, how might the world benefit too?

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