24 November 2010

Naming or Shaming?

Do some people call you by a name you dislike? If so, why do they do it?

My "real" given name is one I like, but I do not like it to be changed or shortened or modified in any way when people address me. I have had a variety of other names given to me as terms of endearment within family relationships, only one of which is used by close relatives nowadays, and I use it myself when contacting them.

I use various terms of endearment towards my husband in private, but I certainly would not use them in public. Any reference to a person in a way that is likely to cause them embarrassment is a form of shame.  The use of an "endearing" name always depends on respect.

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I am taking a break from writing By Any Other Name, and my Continual Journeys blog, until next year, though you are welcome to comment on any of my blogs at any time. They are all interrelated.

The above picture is by Fra Angelico (1395-1455), whose real name was Guido di Pietro. The painting depicts the naming of John the Baptist.  That naming is regarded as an important event in some religions.

Fra Angelico - Wikipedia

John the Baptist - Wikipedia

There is probably more than enough to think about here, whoever you think you may be!

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