13 November 2010

The Real World

During your life, have you made much progress in understanding what is real and what is not?

What is real life? What is real love? Who is the real you?

What is truth?

What are your beliefs now? How have they changed over the years? In what ways have they stayed the same, and why?

Whatever your ideas about the real world, there are several aspects of worldliness to contend with. It is necessary to think about what the world means to you. Is there a world inside your mind as well as one surrounding you in the here and now? Is there a world of the past, the present and the future?

Do you have particular preference for one cultural world over another? Do you prefer a small or large social world? To you prefer multiple social and cultural words - heterogeneity - or just one, unified social and cultural world - homogeneity?

Do you act in the social sphere with a good will towards all people, without suspicion and superstition, or do you prefer to act on the basis of prejudices and stereotypes? On the other hand, do you fit somewhere in between?  Are you cautious with strangers and with people who have not behaved with goodwill towards you in the past?  Have you been friendly to those you feel affection towards?

Whatever your beliefs, religious or philosophical, you may see yourself as living life like Christian in The Pilgrim's Progress. Alternatively, you may think of yourself in some other way:

Wikipedia - The Pilgrim's Progress

Wikipedia - Stereotypes

Wikipedia - Homogeneity and Heterogeneity

How do you reflect upon your journey in the real world, or any world? Are there multiple worlds to experience, perhaps simultaneously? Here are a few links to some of my other blogging activities. I hope you find them interesting:

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I hope my blogs provide a few insights into my real world. How is your real world similar to mine, and how does it differ?

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