21 February 2011

Difficult Words Can Be Unhealthy

Would you be more likely to look after your health better if important words were clearly explained to you in a commonly understood language?

Some of the most difficult words to remember are those relating to health and illness.  The medical profession uses language in a very different way than I do.  The manufacturers of medical products also use language in ways I find strange.

Are there some medical terms we should all be required to know?

I have written about health in quite a few of my earlier blog posts, mostly in a cultural rather than a medical sense.  Here are some links to a few of them:

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In the list of my interests on my blogger profile, I have often included words that have a special medical meaning.  Other words I use have a special meaning in the social sciences.  But readers of blogs look at their screens and interpret words in a wide variety of ways, just as they interpret art - and even science - differently.

I write about health, illness, and language, in different ways on each of my blogs.  Have you noticed those differences?

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How do you prefer to address health through language?  And how might improved communication create a healthier society?

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