28 March 2011

All Sorts of Names

I wonder if a society where people have all sorts of creative, non-traditional names would be one where there is no embarrassment about being known by a name that in another society might sound funny, silly or even shocking.

25 March 2011

Who Do You Trust?

Have you noticed that many of the most important issues that make the news (or at least reach the attention of the mass media) are, in one way or another, about breaches of trust?

11 March 2011

Your Creativity in Society

Have you ever wondered how to engage with people through your creativity, and perhaps even in your creativity?  

10 March 2011

For a Living

Do you sometimes feel annoyed when someone asks you what you do "for a living"?  

08 March 2011

Opinions and Good Manners

There are many different points of view in the world on many different subjects.  Opinions can be well-informed and useful, or they can be ill-informed and detrimental.

07 March 2011

Suitable Activities

One of the features I have noticed when reading biographies of historically significant figures is that many were, in adolescence and early adulthood, forced by their fathers to train as lawyers.