28 March 2011

All Sorts of Names

I wonder if a society where people have all sorts of creative, non-traditional names would be one where there is no embarrassment about being known by a name that in another society might sound funny, silly or even shocking.

One of my earlier blog posts here was on the serious subject of funny names.  It is a serious subject because a person's name often has a bearing on how they are perceived by others, at least within the societies in which I have lived.

One of the most read stories on the BBC's news website today may indicate that the subject of funny names is also a very popular one:

Playful Filipino names hard to get used to

I have noticed, too, that a Filipino person is not called  Philippino person:

Wikipedia - Filipino People

Several of my earlier blog posts mention funny names in one way or another.  Here are two you might find especially interesting:

Unfortunate connotations

Naming or shaming?

If you come across news items about cultural perceptions of names, please let me know about them.  I may like to add them to my collection here.

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