08 March 2011

Opinions and Good Manners

There are many different points of view in the world on many different subjects.  Opinions can be well-informed and useful, or they can be ill-informed and detrimental.

Often, it can be better to avoid giving an opinion and various forms of commentary, especially when asked for an opinion by someone who is prejudiced.

There are people who are well-informed on some topics but ill-informed when asked for an opinion on other aspects of knowledge.  Some people try to be friendly by behaving in a way that condones the bigotry expressed by those around them.  How do you respond to other people's ill-mannered opinions?

You may wish to think about the issues raised in the following articles:

BBC News - Doctors' slang is a dying art
(not an art but a form of rudeness)

ABC, The Drum - What's in a (sur)name?
(how surnames can relate to power and oppression)

Names can be amongst the most emotional of words.  They can be a cause of social confusion, bad manners and embarrassment.  But what does it mean to have good, global manners in the 21st century?

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