19 April 2011

What Sort Of Image You Are Projecting?

If your image is important to you, especially if you are currently looking for a job or seeking to expand a business, then it may be wise to think of how others may see you - and how they imagine you to be through your online presence.

What do your choices of social networking tools say about you?  Could your email address have a bearing on how you may be perceived?  Is your blogging a help or a hindrance to your career prospects?

A recent story in the news - about email addresses

According to the article, I am likely to be a slim young man with a college (university) education who has been to at least five countries!  That is because I have a gmail.com email address.

Read the source article/blog post

To me, it makes no difference what sorts of online services people use, as long as it fits their purposes well enough, and they cause no harm.

What are your own opinions about labels and image?  I even cut/unstitch labels from my clothing, just as I attempt to keep labels off my social opinions.

Perhaps your ideas about reality and society are of the social construct variety.  That in itself may be a label!

Wikipedia article - Social constructionism

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