09 September 2011

08 September 2011

Dear Via

Whenever I receive an email or a letter from someone I don't know, I usually look for two words before deciding to read further:  Dear Via (or whoever else I may be at the time).

07 September 2011

Mind Your Language

Have you ever thought about the undemocratic ways in which language is often used? 

06 September 2011

In Blog We Trust

Do you reveal a great deal about yourself in your own blog(s)?  It is so easy to find out all sorts of things about a person by discovering if they write a blog, use online social networking tools/toys, and let down their guard when it comes to the security of their personal information (and that of others).

01 September 2011

Storing Yourself

I tend to be annoyed whenever I can't find something around the house.  It is not that the thing is a part of me, but that objects can help me to define the useful and healthy routines of my life, and help to jog my rather poor memory.  Most of the books I own are reference books because I am not very good at remembering facts.
BBC article on owning and storing items