09 September 2011

The Weight of Evidence

Do you have a fluctuating body mass index?

The most I have ever weighed is 70 kilograms.  For my height, that is in the middle of the overweight range but not up to the obese level.  I fortunately stayed that weight for a very short time and was able to slim down quite easily.  It helps, of course, that I am quite strong willed!

For most of the last 20 years, my weight as been somewhere between 60 and 65 kilos, depending on my cake intake.  It has been in the higher regions of a healthy range, but still healthy and that is what really matters.

Now my weight is in the mid 50 kilo range.  I lost more than 10 kilos in weight last year due to illness, so being slim is not necessarily a sign of good health.  I could even fit into an Australian size 8 in one shop, but size 10 in another.  I had been a size 12 for most of my teens and 20s.  I was mostly a size 14 after that.

Do you judge people based on what you perceive their body mass index to be?  Do you judge yourself, and compare yourself with others, based on how fat or slim you think you are?

Weight conversion table - with calculator

If I was under 50 kilos I would be underweight.  That would be just as unhealthy as being overweight, especially if I also lost my appetite.  Fortunately, I usually love my food.  I appreciate it far more now that I can eat properly again.  I just have to watch I don't put on too many kilos.  I am still a size 12, but I will keep the suitcase of size 14s just in case.  After all, my mother-in-law makes a wonderful chocolate cake.

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