26 October 2015

In the Name of Sentimentality

I do not like being called a consumer, or even a customer, especially as I don't think of myself as materialistic at all.  Even so, it would probably be helpful if I could store various sorts of things I own somewhere else.  My home is often also my workplace, and the clutter often comes in useful when I am doing historical research - everything I have holds memories.  My home is therefore an archive.

If I planned to renovate, or needed to move somewhere else, my life would be complete chaos! 

Do you have shelves and cupboards brimming with clutter, a shed or two full of all sorts of stuff, and perhaps even a few boxes stacked away somewhere of sentimental treasures?

Do you identify yourself with what you have rather than what you are or who you appear to be to yourself?  

If you lost all of your possessions tomorrow, what would it do to your sense of self?

Have you ever lost your luggage while on holiday?  

Have you ever been homeless?

I do not really consider myself to be sentimental at all, but I value physical reminders of the past - mainly because I have such a poor memory inside my head and worry that I may lose my identity without a few items to remind me!  I value heritage and history and the factual aspects of reminders from the past.  They are my main connection with my earlier, younger self, especially as I am living on the other side of the world from my earlier identity and relationships.

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