29 November 2015

Dangerous Affinities

We are much more likely to trust other people if we believe we have something in common with them.  We are also more likely to trust people in positions of authority if we believe they share our beliefs and values.

Although it is nice to be able to trust people, there are many dangers to consider.  Trust can often be exploited by malicious persons.  Are you aware of affinity fraud at all?

In the Name of Fame

Fame is a fickle boss.

Do you crave attention?  Do you want to be famous?

Are you highly extroverted?   Extroversion might sometimes be a sign of an empty or cluttered or confused mind. What do you think? 

Is there a link between a desire for fame and a tendency towards extroversion?  Do you stand out from the competition?  Are you a blue rose? 

It may even be the case that relative introverts are more likely to be artistically talented than ambitious extroverts and therefore more likely to become famous!

09 November 2015

In the Name of Familiarity

Would a place still be familiar to you if all the people you had ever known there suddenly left, or disappeared, and were replaced by unfriendly strangers?

Perhaps you have always lived in a place of many unfriendly strangers!

Some strangers can be very pleasant and friendly, even - or especially - after we know them better.

And some people we know well as friends may often prefer to keep themselves to themselves, enjoying their own company for much of the time, rather than being deliberately unfriendly.

What do you believe to be the connection between identity and familiarity?