29 December 2015

In the Name of Understanding

When you think to yourself, which name, if any, do you give yourself? 

Is your identity mostly derived from your personal, preferred name, or from the activities that form your life, or from the archives that have been gathering your life history for posterity?

Your name(s) may sometimes cause misunderstandings.  I know mine do!

There are many reasons why people search for understanding of one type or another. What does it mean to understand, in your view?

Usually, as far as I am concerned, understanding is about solving a puzzle or a problem, especially an emotional or physical one.  I especially search for understanding when things have gone wrong in life somewhere along the way.

Language is often about labels, symbols and mental imagery.  It is also about efforts to muddle through in the midst of misunderstandings.  Yet global understanding requires that we develop communication skills that show an awareness of the wider world's use of words, symbols and intentions.

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