20 January 2016

In the Name of Consciousness

What does it mean to be self conscious?

How conscious are you of the way you think?

Why is it important to think about the logic of your thinking?

About logic and fallacies

More about logic and fallacies

11 January 2016

In the Name of Democracy

Does democracy have any meaning to you in the 21st century? 

Is it about relationships and the way we express aspects of ourselves, freely and fairly? 

Is it about showing understanding and respect for others along the way where due?

Is democracy like all relationships in that it takes time to develop into an enduring part of our social existence?

Is respect for democracy an essential part of your identity?

How do you usually express democracy in the name of freedom?

How do you usually think of democracy in terms of being popular or unpopular?

How do you reflect upon democracy through your creativity in society?

When is democracy a topic upon which you are required to mind your language?

08 January 2016

In the Name of Popularism

Like the other irrational paths to power that should have been eroded permanently in the 20th century (prejudice, dictatorship, violence, ostentation, waste and greed), the pursuit of widespread popularity through populism can be a danger to the well being of everyone.

What does populism mean to you?

06 January 2016

In the Name of Friendship

Do you spend most of your time in a process of change - in yourself, your environment, your activities and/or in your relationships - or do you devote most of your time to preservation in one form or another?  Are your friendships mainly about change or mainly about preservation?

Making new friends and connections has not been a high priority for me in recent years.  My life has been so busy over the past decade or so, and my social activities are already as pleasant - and as time consuming - as I would like them to be.

I am mainly interested in people's minds and that is why I enjoy tasting the fruits of their mental activities, through their writings and other expressions of creativity.  This year I intend to continue my explorations of history and heritage.  From the achievements of Wedgwood and Darwin to explorations about and in the name of freedom, history and heritage shape the relationship between changes and preservation.