09 July 2016

In the Name of Meaning

What is your identity?

What does it mean to be you?

What should it mean to be me?

What does it mean to be mean?

What does it mean to be meaningful?

Is this meaningless?

Does meaningfulness change with age

Are some meanings delightfully surprising?

Are names meaningful or meaningless?

Is there any connection between meaning and popularity?

Can any meaning be taken at face value?

Do popular given names have more or less meaning than less popular names?

Does giving something or somewhere or someone a name add meaning or meaningfulness or anything at all?

Is meaning mostly found though the pursuit of truth?

01 July 2016

In the Name of Peace

Being comfortable with our own sense of identity is a key factor in feeling at peace with ourselves.  In other words, it is experienced as having inner peace.

The other factor to consider is the identity of other people.

You may have visited my peace blog, Quieter Living, where you will have seen many reflective articles about aspects of peace in both the inner and outer worlds.

Wishing you peace...