02 March 2017

In the Name of Recognition

In the online world, we can sometimes choose whatever name we wish to be known by.  As Via, I have chosen a pseudonym that is distinctive but also one through which I can retain some anonymity as well.

Most people hope for some recognition, and perhaps even respect.  Most of us also want at least a little privacy.

If you feel different from other people in some way, that in itself may be a worthwhile distinction.  Is it something that makes you stand out from the crowd?

How have you developed and used your talents? How do you adapt to challenges?  What are you hoping other people currently recognise in you?  How do you hope to be recognised in the future?

Are most people recognised mainly because they are different or because they fit into other people's expectations?

Who do you want to recognise you, and why?

Are you now unrecognisable in relation to the person you once were?

What has changed about you over the years?

What has stayed the same?

How do you reflect upon age and identity?

Have you ever had a new name?

How do you want to be recognised for your individuality?

How do you want to be recognised in relation to your relationships and other connections?

How do you want to be recognised - and remembered - through records and recordings of various sorts?

How do you want to be remembered into the future, perhaps even centuries into the future?

Do you mainly want to be known for being talented?

Do you mainly want to be known for being a good person?

Do you mainly want to be known for overcoming challenges, seeking justice or providing justice?

Who do you recognise in the name of justice?

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