About Me

Welcome to By Any Other Name

My name here is Via.  What is yours?

It seems that you are curious to know more about me.  Why is that? 

What would you like to know, and for what purpose?

Like a rose, I usually smell naturally sweet but not too overpowering. 

I usually sound pleasant and reasonable and not too overbearing. 

I usually look presentable and approachable (except very late at night or early in the morning).

I hope you find my writings to be of some interest and value to you, and perhaps even to the people you think you know and who think they know you.  

Is there any valid reason for anyone to want to know more about me that I already express through my publicly-available writings?

Respectfully exploring the topic of identity is something I enjoy doing.  I love discussing meanings and providing different interpretations of situations.  I like being imaginative and I hope I do it tastefully.  Even so, I can sometimes be a bit prickly when tired or annoyed!

I love reflecting on the meaning of ideas.  I love knowledge.  I love authenticity.  And, of course, I love enhancing everyone's creativity.   It is why By Any Other Name is one of four interrelated blogs on different but equally important aspects of living.

I try to live peacefully, travel thoughtfully, understand deeply, and share creatively... sometimes all at the same time.

Well, that is enough about me.  Now, please tell me something about yourself that I am likely to find interesting.

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